Graphene and metamaterials are two examples of novel media that allow to extend the functionalities of bulk media. New ideas and applications arise from the peculiar geometry of these materials that consist of layers that have the thickness of a single atom or are significantly thinner than a single optical wavelength. Ordinary materials would have a very strongly suppressed interaction with light at these scales. Yet here we may tailor the material properties and the interaction geometry so that remarkably intense nonlinear effects may take place or even observe enhanced light-matter interaction at the single photon level.


  • Coherent Perfect Absorption in the Single Photon Regime, T. Roger, S. Vezzoli, E. Bolduc, J. Valente, J.J.F. Heitz, J. Jeffers, C. Soci, J. Leach, C. Couteau, N. Zheludev, D. Faccio, Nature Communications, 6, 7031 (2015)

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